The board has voted to push out all current terms to 3 year terms per our by-laws. For future reference, there will be a non-election year following two consecutive years of elections.

The following will be the groups/seats up for election; Seat #1 is the president seat

2018 Election Group                                           2020 Election Group

Seat #6 Michael Boyd                                          Seat #1 Keli Seto

Seat #7 Robert Topie                                           Seat #2 Matt Felber

Seat #8 Jeff Watson                                             Seat #3 Dave Lecompte

Seat #9 Karen Sangster                                       Seat #4 Robert North

Seat #10 Richard Ester                                        Seat #5 Brian Mcelwain

                                                                             Retired Seat-Steve Walker

The retired seat will run with the 2020 group. If you have any question please contact me.

Thank You,

Keli Seto