This association was founded in 1952 on the belief of “Strength through Unity”. A simple concept, but one that has been tested time and time again. Ourpast, our present, and future of this association depends on the strength of the members of this association and those members uniting in in common goals to further the tradition of this association. We cannot allow dissention or fear to detract us from our goals. As president of this association I do not expect members of this association to act against the goals of this deputy sheriffs association. We all have a voice, and that voice has a forum to be heard in our monthly board meeting. I expect all members of this association to participate, take advantage of what this association has to offer, and work with one another not against. Our strength in resides in our unity.


The deputies in this association are the life blood of this agency. Contemporary public policy literature refers to line staff in public service as “human capital”. Our association is diverse and rich in the human capital our agency has at its disposal. Remember we are the members of our agency that make it successful. We achieve the goals that administration sets forth, we work the countless hours to maintain a level of service that citizens of this county have come to expect, and we are the individuals citizens rely upon to help them in their time of need. They honorable way we conduct ourselves, the dedication to our profession, and the strength in character each of us possess will continue to enhance the level of human capital available to our agency and this county. 


Finally I will add be involved. Attend our meetings, our special events, and if so inclined run for the board of directors. Being involved will strengthen our association, being involved will strengthen our capital, and being involved will show this offices administration the importance and strength of this association. 

 Steven McCulloch