Deputy Sheriff Association Honor Coin Proposal


The DSA honor coin program is designed to recognize active association members for their exemplary performance, behavior, and for those who honor the association. This is a small attempt to heighten morale and recognize those who are overlooked by their supervisors and the administration.

The proposal/procedure will go as follows;

 100 numbered honor coins have been purchased. The front on the coins details the new designed logo, with the association saying. The rear of the coins depicts St. Michael and the saying “In honor of, in loyalty of, and in example of the association” in Latin. The first coins numbered 1-11 will be assigned to the active board of directors on 4/11/2012. The remainder of the coins will be reserved for the nominated recipients.

 The dispersal of the coins will go as follows. Up two active association members in good standing can receive an honor coin per month. These recipients must be nominated by the active board of directors and put it to a round table discussion amongst the directors. Only a majority votes of the directors present at a meeting will determine a winning recipient. Although only two members can win per month, that does not mean there has to be any winners per month. If there are no nominees, there are no recipients. Nominations can come from directors, but can also come from active members not on the board of directors who recognize exemplary performance. Again only active members can receive this recognition.

 I recommend that any winner of the honor coin also receive a letter of appreciation on DSA letter head from the sitting president. The letter and coin can be presented if possible to the winner at the following board of directors meeting. The winner can be invited to that meeting to be recognized. The letter can also become part of the winners personnel file.

These honor coins are not something that can be purchased or arbitrarily given away. They need to be earned. In earning something that is rare, regardless of the value, it maintains the uniqueness of that item. The coins will be tracked on a spreadsheet to record all the coin holders. Again this is a small attempt to boost morale and recognize those deserving members within our active association. There is something to be said about being recognized by your peers. Too often our members are unrecognized, overlooked, and biased against for the above and beyond performance, virtue, and all those things that are the example of what this association stands for.

If approved I would like to display a coin in the DSA display cabinet with the criteria on how to obtain one. I have no doubt that this will elicit a healthy competition amongst the active membership.